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About Heidi & Jayne

What started as a friendship in a college dorm has stood the test of time. Possessing all the characteristics of a great friendship, such as caring, respect, and loyalty, this one has grown to be something more, with a "Hey, I can do that!" attitude, and an unusually strong entrepreneurial spirit. Team Blonde was born of these solid values, confident attitude and energetic spirit.

While the name "Team Blonde" may be lighthearted enough to induce a chuckle when first heard, the emphasis is on "team." In the truest sense of the word, we combine complimentary skills and multi-faceted personalities. While "blonde" is an accurate descriptor in the physical sense, the name contains more than a hint of satire on stereotyping. Our working-class background necessitated a frugal practicality, but there was an expressiveness that couldn't be denied. So, what began as a satisfying hobby has become a company that is a blend of good taste and good sense — beauty shared with friends.

The result of this evolution is jewelry and accessories for the diversity in all of us that inspires as it delights both wearer and admirer. The goal of Team Blonde is to empower its patrons with spirit and value, by offering expressive jewelry and gifts that last with timeless beauty.

Team Blonde is a full service boutique, eco spa and salon with an emphasis on service. We offer our jewelry pieces, but also welcome you into our studio where we can help you bring your personal jewelry design sense to fruition. The boutique is an eclectic mix filled with other handmade jewelry, accessories, apparel, parfums, candles, and eco and socially-conscious gifts.

Team Blonde's eco spa and salon deliver unparalleled services with exceptional products focused solely on your needs — in harmony with the planet. Experience the massage, organic facials, waxing, haircut and color, manicures, and pedicures in this serene environment.

Shop Dogs

Always eager to greet you, our newest shop dog Cooper is at the ready to welcome you to Team Blonde. Cooper follows in the paw prints of shop dog emeritus Jazz.

Things We Care About


We love animals. We both have multiple rescue animals at home that are family to us. Working toward living a cruelty-free lifestyle is a priority in each of our lives, so we are carrying that over into the boutique wherever we can. That's why we offer a full line of cruelty-free cosmetics, hair products, hair color, and vegan handbags.

The Planet

We all can make a difference. It starts with a commitment and a conscious effort to do the little things that make up an eco-friendly lifestyle, or even a green business style.

How we're committed to helping the environment:

  • salvaging and reusing construction materials when rehabbing our space (including every usable 2 x 4, piece of trim, drywall screw, door, and piece of hardware)
  • used bamboo flooring when replacing carpet
  • made a large investment in converting all halogen flood lights to LED flood lights — changing 170 bulbs reduced our electric usage by 50%!
  • use of packaging made from recycled materials
  • re-use printer paper (by printing on the other side)
  • recycle everything that can possibly be recycled in the course of business
  • deliver packaging to local artisans to be reused for shipping
  • blend used fryer oil from two local establishments to supplement the fuel for our diesel cars

Situated in the charming Forest Park, IL Madison Street shopping district, just 15 minutes west of the Chicago Loop, we're eager to have you experience Team Blonde in person.

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